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Eppendorf Cell Culture Dishes

Whenever you need direct access to your cells, dishes are the format of choice. We focused on an improved handling and stacking performance to ensure a new level of safe and carefree usage of those formats in cell culture. The innovative packaging combines tool-free opening, a resealable top and side for reliable and tape-free closing and an easy solution to shrink the package for space-conscious storage.

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Pronounced rim on lid for robust and safe stacking

Direct surface identification on the product

SplashProtect™ ring inside the lid and reliable differentiation between lid and base

Corrugated handling ring for safe gripping

Innovative resalable and shrinkable product packaging for secure and space-saving storage

Corrugated Handling Ring

The corrugated handling ring provides an unsurpassed safety in handling during transportation and expansion of cells.

SplashProtect™ ring

The SplashProtect™ ring inside of the dish traps liquid and prevents spills during transportation or incubation.


Compact, resealable and shrinkable product packaging for space saving and safe storage of products. Innovative tray for easy removal from box.